Slacker Soundtrack

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Midi Selections:  I got a bunch here from cool shows and movies.  These are nice and small so listen to them all.
1. Simpson's Theme Song If you need an explanation for this, why don't you shoot yourself right now. MIDI 30.5KB
2. Pulp Fiction Theme If you don't understand, god help you because you are a RETARD MIDI 24.9KB
3. X-Files Theme Why did I even make this section? MIDI 13.5KB
4. Tales From the Crypt Spooky. . . MIDI 17.0KB
5. Mission Impossible Theme Dun Dun duh duh doo doo do. . . MIDI 37.6KB
6. Cheers Theme Where every body knows your name. . .  MIDI 4.41KB
7. Kids in the Hall Theme Funny, funny show. . .theme is all right as well. MIDI 19.4KB
8. Giligan's Island Just sit right back and u'll here a tale.  . . MIDI 16.1KB

Wav selections: these Simpson soundbytes are fairly big, so I only included the funniest ones I had.
These are worth listening to.
1. Homer Go Crazy From the "Shining" Episode.  "Homer go something something. . ."  WAV 100KB
2. Monkey Paw Homer buys the cursed monkeys paw, "but it comes with a free frogurt. . ." WAV 114KB
3. Metric System Grandpa complains about the Metric System.  ". . .its the tool of the devil" WAV 83.4KB
4. 3 States Grandpa complains about the number of states nowadays. WAV 72.3KB
5. Army of Dead Burns and his twisted army. WAV 35.0KB
6. Gen. Montoya Burns in Mexico, leading an army. WAV 119KB
7. Freaking Guns The crack Springfield PD and its rigorous training course. WAV 146KB
8. Car Chase Wiggums on an old fashioned car chase. WAV 148KB
9. Willy 4 Mayor Willies campaign speech.  (FUNNIEST) WAV 150KB
10. Bee Guy "Aye, no es bueno" WAV 25.7KB

Want more?

 Simpsons.Net:  Hundreds of good quality Simpson's Sound Bytes
 Midi Universe:  Many many midi files of all kinds.

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