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1. Someone falls down the steps... you A) help them get up B) get someone else to help them C) Laugh...HA HA

2. They cancel the Simpsons... you A) live with it. B) watch another show. C) climb a bell tower with a high powered rifle and take out as many people as you can.

3. Tacos are shown to be poisonous... you A) start eating healthy B) stop eating them C)keep eating...Ummm tacos.

4. Someone admits to you that they are gay... you A) accept their lifestyle B) tell them it doesn't matter C) laugh at them until your throat is dry hoarse.

5. You have a choice of spending your time... A) cutting a lawn for $10 B) help around the house for $20. C) sleep for free

Join us now...

If you answered any of these are not a TRUE SLACKER, so you can never be an Apostle... If you answered C to all of these questions, then at least you are a SEMI-SLACKER. You passed, and can join as a monk.

If you passed the SLACKER test and would like to join the Slacker religion and spread the word of the all powerful and lazy HOMER, contact any apostle.

***interested members should email,***

Original Members (the few, the proud, the slackers)

Original Members-

Apostle Josh [pIrish da founder], Apostle Matt [Mr. Pink], Apostle Daigo
[Swedish Square], Apostle Rick [alias needed], Apostle Mike [ozzballg],
Apostle Jeremy [alias needed] Rolando the Martyr, and Monks Dan [Spankee],
Victor [Jocko] and Palo [the hitman], and Peons Crack Monkey, Pimp Daddy,
Guamish Peasent Girl.