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The Slacker Genesis

In the beginning, the Earth was void and without form...a couple billion years later man spontaneously combusted from a pile of guano. But mankind was very bored, and so womankind was created...but man grew tired of being rejected and slapped, so they started doing stupid stuff like hitting each other over the head with clubs. Homer looked down upon the earth and was dismayed to see all the men with big bumps on their heads. So the great Homer rose from his cloud shaped like a couch and created television (dun duh dun). Since the TV's were all fuzzy and distorted, the men started hitting them with clubs, so the wise Homer promptly created cable television. So, recovering from his head wounds, one man sat down to watch some TV, and the first Slacker was born...

The Slacker Timeline

Work in Progress...... this will be cool

The Ten Slacker Commandments

1.  Thou shall do the least amount of work possible.
2.  Thou shall only kill accepted enemies of the Slacker Religion, and 
    anyone that pisses u off.
3.  Thou shall not steal from any other Slackers, unless they piss u off.
4.  Thou shall watch every episode of these shows: THE SIMPSONS and Seinfeld
5.  Thou shall watch these shows at least once:  News Radio, Drew Carey,
    Men Behaving Badly, Ellen, The Critic, Murphy Brown, Mad TV, Letterman, 
    and Unhappily Ever-After, Spawn.
6.  Thou shall get others to do your work for u.
7.  Thou shall watch many hours of TV.
8.  Thou shall ridicule those u don't like.
9.  Thou shall sleep as much as possible
10. Thou shall pay homage to our god HOMER...