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I can't believe it's a website!!!

Not so sure about the Slacker Religion Home page and its creator pIrish?

Read what the famous, and not so famous, have to say about the two. . .


About the Founder

Mike Tyson:  "That jerk told me biting is legal in boxing. . .he's dead, oh yeah baby he's dead."

Krusty the Klown:  "I gave him three Canoli's to paint my chicken coup. . .PAINT MY CHICKEN COUP!!"

Hannibal the Cannibal Lector:  "He's one crazy sonuvabitch. . .I wouldn't go near him."

President of the Evil Empire (Canada): "I am the angel of death, the time of judgment is at hand. . ."

Dr. Katz: "They let him out of the institute already?"

Nikki Cox: "Yes, yes he is my love slave."

Cletus: "Hey ma, get off the roof and get my gun."

Joey Joe-Joe Shimananu: "pIrish?? That's the worse name I ever heard."

Vinny the "Double Chin" Delpino: "We ran with the Guineas, when the Guineas still meant something."

Betty Ford: "Gulp, Gulp (Drinkee Drinkee Symbol)"

About the Site

Spokesman for the CCC (Christian Coalition of Children): "That site was made by Lucifer himself! Hell in a hand basket I tell ya!"

Richard Simmons:  "This beats Sweating to the Oldies 1,2, and 4, hands down."

Grandpa Simpson: "This site reminds me of a poem I can't recall, written by a man I don't know, about a town that may never have existed."

Tony Little: "You too can lose weight by surfing this site."

John Q. Public: "It's funny. . .well, not HA HA funny.  And not FUNNY funny, and definitely not DAMN THAT'S FUNNY funny.  It's more like HUH CANADA SUCKS funny."

Homer: "They're slackers, and they have a web site. . .ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Alfred E. Neuman:  "I can't believe it's a web site!"

Phil Hartman:  "A must see. . .if you are drunk or pepped up on goofballs at 4:00 am."

Ludolph Hindenberg: "ACH BIEN VEN EINH!!!"

Benny Blanco from the Bronx:  "Forget about the damn web site. . .when do we get the freaking guns!?!"

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